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Enhance Fire Performance

Enhance Fire Performance

Evopreg PFC gives excellent fire performance

Reduce Your Costs

Reduce Your Costs

Biotex Flax in a carbon part reduces costs for the same performance

Reduce Weight

Reduce Weight

Use Biotex to reduce the weight of your parts

Improve Aesthetics

Improve Aesthetics

Biotex gives a natural look with similar performance to glass fibre

Increase Damping

Increase Damping

Biotex Flax improves the damping of carbon fibre parts


Evopreg EPT (Tooling) are prepregs designed for increased out life, improved processing and greater dimensional stability in use.

Available reinforcement fabrics:

Carbon fibre fabrics – light (200gsm)

Carbon fibre fabrics – heavy (600 to 860gsm)

Carbon fibre surface veils (10 to 50gsm)

Flax fibre fabric (400gsm) incorporating Biotex Flax

Glass fibre fabrics – (200gsm to 900gsm)

Other fabrics available on request.


Carbon Flax Hybrid Tooling

Flax natural fibre has significantly lower cost and environmental impact, and it has been shown to work well with carbon in a hybrid lay-up. Therefore flax could potentially be used to replace carbon fibre in composite moulds, thereby reducing costs and environmental impact.

Composites Evolution tests have found Carbon/flax hybrid tooling to have the following benefits:

  • 20-40% lower material cost
  • 12-15% lower weight
  • Same thickness
  • Similar dimensional stability
  • Comparable surface finish
  • Reduced carbon fibre waste
  • Lower environmental impact

* Based on a typical ‘1-8-1’ carbon tooling lay-up (1 x 200gsm, 8 x 650 gsm, 1 x 200 gsm) where the middle 4 layers of 650 gsm carbon have been replaced with Biotex Flax 400 gsm 2×2 twill.

We would recommend our materials for the following tool manufacturing processes:

  • Vacuum infusion (dry fabric)
  • Autoclave cure (prepreg)