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Gary Foster
Gary Foster

Gary has worked in polymer research and development for over 30 years. After spending 10 years at an analytical instrument company, Gary returned to academia (Universities of London and Exeter), where he helped to develop thermoplastic polymer solutions for a range of industrial clients. In 2005, he joined Smithers Rapra, a supplier of materials testing and consultancy to the plastics, rubber and composite industries. Gary moved to his role of Senior Project Manager in 2013. During this time he has been focusing his efforts in the thermoplastic composites area of the business, helping to develop new material solutions and processes for the composite sector.

What is Automated Fibre Placement (AFP)?

19th January 2021

Automated Fibre Placement (AFP) is part of a family of manufacturing techniques, which refer to the precise laying of continuous fibre tapes to manufacture multi-layered composite products, typically with significant strength.

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