Thermoplastic Pressure Vessel Development Trials

Demonstrator tube made by Heraeus Noblelight from Evopreg® PA Thermoplastic Tape using their humm3® technology

Thermoplastic Pressure Vessel Development Trials


Heraeus Noblelight is one of the global market and technology leaders in the field of special purpose lamps and modules in the ultraviolet to infrared wavelength range for industrial, scientific and medical applications. Their humm3® technology is a high power, flexible, controllable heat solution for automated fibre placement (AFP), automated tape laying, filament winding and other composites applications. It is a sophisticated, pulsed light solution using three pulse parameters to hit target temperatures almost instantaneously.

Heraeus Noblelight’s humm3® technology delivers homogeneous, highly controllable heat to the process area, over a wide range of temperatures at rapid process rates. It’s instantaneous temperature ramp-up and cool down is ideally suited to processing complex parts using dry fibre and thermoplastic composite materials.

Use case

A demonstrator thermoplastic tube was produced during an investigation into the processing of thermoplastic composites for high pressure vessels. The demonstrator tube, 900 mm long with a diameter of 165 mm, was manufactured using robotic tape winding and the humm3® discovery system to melt and consolidate Evopreg® PA thermoplastic tape.

Evopreg® PA is a range of thermoplastic tapes which combine polyamide-6 (PA6) polymer with unidirectional carbon fibre to produce a continuous thermoplastic tape that is suitable for automated tape laying, winding and compression moulding into high-performance, lightweight components.

What our client said...

The trials were extremely encouraging and that, after manufacturing some simple hoops to establish basic system parameters, we were able to manufacture initial pipe samples.

Ash Foster, Head of Research, Heraeus Noblelight

  • Evopreg® PA Thermoplastic Tape Demonstrator Pipe
  • Evopreg® PA Thermoplastic Tape Demonstrator Pipe
  • Evopreg® PA Thermoplastic Tape Demonstrator Pipe

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