Evopreg ampliTex™ Flax Prepregs and powerRibs™ Reinforcement Grid Technical Guide

With sustainability becoming an increasingly important factor for many companies, interest in natural fibre-reinforced composite materials is on the rise.

At Composites Evolution, we have unrivalled experience in the development and production of natural fibre prepregs, and our technical support team is on-hand to show how these materials can be readily adopted without the need for significant changes to your existing composite component production processes.

We supply a range of flax prepregs using our Evopreg resin systems and Bcomp’s ampliTex™ flax fabrics. Evopreg ampliTex™ is available for both component and tooling applications and can be combined with traditional carbon fibre-epoxy prepregs to produce a high-performance hybrid offering the benefits of both materials.

Download our Technical Guide in which our Technical Specialist, Roger Elliot, gives insight into layup and processing of our natural fibre prepregs.