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Increase Damping

Increase Damping

Biotex Flax improves the damping of carbon fibre parts

Reduce Your Costs

Reduce Your Costs

Biotex Flax in a carbon part reduces costs for the same performance

Improve Aesthetics

Improve Aesthetics

Biotex gives a natural look with similar performance to glass fibre

Enhance Fire Performance

Enhance Fire Performance

Evopreg PFC gives excellent fire performance

Reduce Weight

Reduce Weight

Use Biotex to reduce the weight of your parts

Material Benefits

Our Biotex materials use unique  technologies to provide a combination of performance, processing and sustainability, offering our customers the following benefits:

Weight Reduction

Biotex Flax reinforcements are lighter than either carbon or glass fibres. Biotex Flax can be used to replace the centre layers in a carbon laminate, reducing costs and weight with no reduction in panel bending stiffness.

Increased Vibration Damping

Carbon fibre can cause noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) issues and has high environmental impact. Natural flax fibre composites have lower density and much higher damping than carbon fibre. By replacing some of the carbon in a laminate with flax, hybrid structures can be created with far greater damping, giving sporting goods a better feel and reducing NVH issues in vehicles.

Reduced Component Costs

Natural flax fibre composites have lower density and lower cost than carbon fibre. Replacing some of the carbon in a laminate with flax, hybrid structures can be created with lower cost, without a reduction in panel bending stiffness. Applications include automotive body panels, secondary structures, sports racquets, bike frames, hockey sticks, skis, marine bulkheads, doors etc.

Evopreg prepregs can be tuned for optimised laminate construction directly improving bill of materials and lay-up costs for a component.

Improved Image and Aesthetics

As well as providing high-performance reinforcement, Biotex Flax reinforcements give a natural look to composite components, providing an image that is in tune with modern environmentally-conscious consumers, and appropriate to outdoor sports such as snowboarding and surfing.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Biotex and Ecopreg PFA materials are derived from materials that are both sustainable and renewable. Biotex reinforcements are manufactured from Flax that have been grown for their strong fibres for centuries, whilst PFA (Polyfurfuryl Alcohol) is a bioresin derived from crop waste such as sugar cane bagasse.

Enhanced Fire Performance

Evopreg PF prepregs are designed to have equivalent fire performance and cost as phenolic prepregs, but without the health and safety concerns of phenolic systems.

Improved Operator Health & Safety

Biotex Flax and Biotex Jute reinforcements are safe to the touch and can therefore be handled far more easily in the workplace than glass or carbon fibres. The Evopreg PF prepregs have far lower formaldehyde and VOC emissions than equivalent phenolic materials, giving a far safer working environment.


In high speed impact sled tests hybrids of carbon fibre and flax reinforcements were shown to have the same specific energy absorption as well as a much more defined failure mode when compared to the original benchmark carbon fibre laminates.