Composites Evolution is 10 years old!

  • 16th July 2019
  • Composites Evolution
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Composites Evolution is 10 years old!

Doesn’t time fly? 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of Composites Evolution Ltd.

The company was founded in 2009 by Gordon Bishop and Brendon Weager, initially to supply our Biotex range of natural fibre yarns and fabrics. The “Twistless Technology” of Biotex allows for much better alignment and impregnation of natural fibres, allowing for significantly improved performance. You can read our original press release here. The above photo shows a youthful-looking Gordon promoting Biotex at the JEC 2010 show in Paris.

Since then the company has expanded its offerings to include prepreg materials, although it has remained true to its original values of providing innovative, added-value materials that challenge the market incumbents, often with enhanced sustainability credentials. 2013 saw the launch of our first generation 100% bio-derived PFA prepregs. These materials offer excellent fire performance without the toxicity concerns associated with phenolics.

Meanwhile, our developments with natural flax fibre reinforcements expanded to include the synergies of using them in conjunction with carbon fibres. As flax fibres are both lighter and cheaper than carbon, as well as being inherently more vibration damping and having similar thermal expansion properties, we brought carbon/flax hybrid solutions to the market that provide our customers with cheaper, lighter products.

2018 was a landmark year for the company in that it saw the unveiling of our new prepreg production facility. Along with ISO9001 certification, this gave us full control over our manufacturing operation, thereby ensuring that we provide our customers with a service of consistently high quality and responsiveness. It was at this point that we introduced our high-quality epoxy component and tooling prepregs to complement our existing products.

As we head into our second decade, there are more exciting announcements on the horizon, with new products and processes due for launch shortly. In the meantime, we’d like to thank all of our customers, suppliers, collaborators and staff for their support over the last ten years.

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Composites Evolution is a dynamic and agile UK-based manufacturer of prepregs for lightweight composite structures. We are dedicated to supporting our customers, and our goal is to be your number one partner for specialist prepregs, through world-leading innovation, sustainability, customer service and responsiveness.

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