Composites Evolution launches new Evopreg® EPT Tooling Prepreg Systems

  • 24th June 2021
  • Composites Evolution
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Composites Evolution launches new Evopreg® EPT Tooling Prepreg Systems

Composites Evolution launches new Evopreg® EPT tooling prepreg systems offering variable cure temperatures, long outlife and high-quality surface finish

Composites Evolution continues to expand its product range, with the launch of two new epoxy tooling prepreg systems.

Chesterfield, UK. Composites Evolution Ltd has announced the launch of two new epoxy tooling prepregs. The first of these, Evopreg® EPT120, has been designed to help composite tooling manufacturers improve the flexibility and efficiency of their tooling manufacturing processes, by providing a combination of extended outlife and variable curing cycles.

The second new product, Evopreg® EPT110, is a 50°C, 12 hour cure tooling epoxy prepreg, designed for component cures up to 190°C.

Sales & Marketing Director, Ben Hargreaves explains further. “The 21 day outlife of Evopreg® EPT120 prepregs makes them ideally suited to the production of larger, more complex tools, or to the batch production of multiple smaller tools, ahead of a single (e.g. weekly) scheduled cure. But that’s not all…for applications where rapid turnaround is critical, EPT120 prepregs can be fully cured in under six hours, in a single-shot ramped cure.”

“Evopreg® EPT110 is our new low temperature cure, high temperature performance epoxy tooling prepreg, allowing moulders to create tools with exceptional surface finish and high dimensional stability.”

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