Watch our recent webinar on thermoplastic tapes

16th September 2021

Watch our recent webinar on thermoplastic tapes

Interest in fibre-reinforced unidirectional thermoplastic tapes has advanced significantly in recent years due to the advantages they could offer in a variety of current and emerging applications.

Thermoplastic tapes can provide outstanding mechanical performance, clean manufacturing processes, low waste and the potential for easier recyclability at end-of-life.

Much like traditional thermosets, there are also multiple processing routes available; however, processed parts can be subsequently post-formed to create more complex shapes.

Additionally, thermoplastic tapes can be stored almost indefinitely, compared to the limited shelf-life of pre-impregnated thermoset tapes.

If you missed our recent webinar you can watch it here… we’ll draw upon our experience in the development and production of unidirectional thermoplastic tapes to explore the benefits they offer and highlight current and emerging applications within a range of sectors.

  • What are unidirectional thermoplastic tapes?
  • Why use them?
  • State of the art
  • Example applications
  • How Composites Evolution can help you

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