Introducing Evopreg® EPC205 epoxy prepreg system

21st July 2023

Introducing Evopreg® EPC205 epoxy prepreg system, a new thick laminate technology from Composites Evolution for use in component manufacture. A visual-quality epoxy component prepreg for laminates up to 50 mm thick has been developed by Composites Evolution. It can be cured in a single shot using a conventional autoclave or press curing technique, with a […]

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Composites Evolution selected as material supplier for the ‘67 by Charge Cars

24th March 2023

Composites Evolution is excited to be announced as official prepreg supplier for the ‘67 Mustang by Charge Cars. Craftsmanship and technology elegantly combined, the ‘67 by Charge Cars is constructed using a brand-new bodyshell, manufactured by using lightweight carbon fibre. Driven by achieving visual perfection, Charge Cars teamed up with Composites Evolution to utilise their […]

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Composites Evolution expands Evopreg® range with unidirectional fibre-reinforced thermoplastic tapes

18th January 2022

Composites Evolution has announced the launch of a new range of unidirectional thermoplastic tapes, to sit alongside its existing line-up of Evopreg® prepregs

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Composites Evolution launches new Evopreg® ampliTex™ range of flax-epoxy prepregs with powerRibs™ reinforcement grid for high-performance applications

16th July 2021

Composites Evolution Ltd has teamed up with leading natural fibre reinforcement specialists Bcomp to launch a new range of flax-epoxy prepreg materials, designed to offer enhanced sustainability without compromising on performance. Evopreg® ampliTex™ prepregs combine Composites Evolution’s high-performance Evopreg® epoxy resin systems with Bcomp’s award-winning ampliTex™ flax reinforcements, to deliver a family of materials which […]

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Composites Evolution launches new Evopreg® EPT Tooling Prepreg Systems

24th June 2021

Composites Evolution launches new Evopreg® EPT tooling prepreg systems offering variable cure temperatures, long outlife and high-quality surface finish Composites Evolution continues to expand its product range, with the launch of two new epoxy tooling prepreg systems. Chesterfield, UK. Composites Evolution Ltd has announced the launch of two new epoxy tooling prepregs. The first of […]

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How Sustainable Materials are Shaking up Motorsport

7th April 2021

Introduction As more and more people become acutely aware of the global warming threat, motorsport series, such as F1, have come under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon emissions. In recent years many motorsport series have introduced new regulations in an effort to enhance their environmental image, though there are calls for further action. Motorsport […]

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Evopreg PFC502 Passes Preliminary Testing to AC 20-135

30th March 2020

We’re pleased to announce that our Evopreg PFC fire-resistant prepregs have recently undergone preliminary testing to AC 20-135 and passed. Evopreg PFC prepregs are based on 100% bio-derived polyfurfuryl alcohol (PFA) resin, and deliver outstanding fire performance with low toxicity, low environmental impact and improved operator safety. AC 20-135 is a Federal Aviation Authority test, […]

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Composites Evolution launches a range of natural fibre prepregs for motorsport

21st October 2019

Composites Evolution has introduced a range of flax-reinforced epoxy prepregs to meet demand from the motorsport sector. To reduce environmental impact, there is increasing interest across several motorsport series in the use of natural fibre composites for parts such as aerodynamic devices and doors. GT4 has been leading the way with recent models from the […]

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Composites Evolution introduces decorative coloured carbon prepregs

16th May 2019

Composites Evolution has introduced a range of carbon-epoxy component prepregs based on fabrics that incorporate coloured metallic fibres. The decorative prepregs, which are available with red, blue or green highlights in a 300 g/m² 2×2 twill carbon fabric, all utilise Composites Evolution’s Evopreg EPC300 resin system that provides high-quality moulded surface finishes. The new prepregs […]

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Bioresin prepreg meets the most stringent HL3 requirements of rail fire standard EN45545-2

5th February 2019

Composites Evolution’s Evopreg PFC502 prepreg has recently completed an extensive series of tests to demonstrate compliance with the Hazard Level 3 (HL3) requirements of rail industry fire standard EN45545-2. HL3 represents the most stringent requirement of EN45545-2, allowing materials to be used on trains that pass through tunnels where no side evacuation is possible, such […]

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Hybrid tooling prepregs cut composite mould costs

28th November 2018

An innovative hybrid composite tooling system developed by Composites Evolution utilises the benefits of flax fibre reinforcements to reduce the cost of carbon-epoxy mould tools. Currently, when moulding carbon fibre composites in an autoclave, it is common practice to also make the tools from carbon fibre prepregs. This ensures that there are no significant differences […]

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Fire retardant bio-based prepreg used for lightweight train seating support

16th October 2018

Composites Evolution, Bercella and Element Materials Technology (Element) have successfully completed the development and testing of a composite cantilever support for rail passenger seating. The component, which is 1 meter long but weighs less than 5 kg, passed a wide range of tests performed by Element. The evaluation included static loadings, fatigue cycles and fire […]

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Carbon/Flax Hybrid Automotive Door on Display at JEC World Featuring Composites Evolution’s Biotex Flax

1st March 2017

A door for a hydrogen powered car, constructed using Composites Evolution’s Biotex Flax, will be on display in the Auto Planet at JEC World, Paris, France, on the 14th – 16th March, 2017. The door panel, developed by NetComposites, KS Composites and Riversimple for the Rasa hydrogen fuel cell car, has been built using a […]

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Carbon/Flax Hybrid Structures Show Improved Vibration Damping and Impact Behaviour

15th February 2016

A UK-based consortium has developed carbon/flax hybrid structures with lower cost, higher vibration damping and improved impact behaviour compared to carbon fibre. The CARBIO project, led by Composites Evolution, has produced hybrid composites using layers of flax fibre and carbon fibre which have equal bending stiffness to all-carbon laminates, but with reduced cost, increased shock […]

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Composites Evolution Develops Carbon Flax Hybrid Solutions

3rd November 2015

Composites Evolution has developed a range of carbon flax hybrid materials offering a lower cost alternative to carbon fibre. In addition to reducing overall part cost, the inclusion of flax  improves vibration dampening performance, reduces part weight, and reduces environmental impact compared to carbon fibre alone. The carbon flax hybrids can also create unique and […]

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CARBIO Project Develops Carbon/Flax Hybrid Automotive Roof

3rd November 2015

The CARBIO project has developed a carbon/flax hybrid automotive roof using Composite Evolution’s Biotex Flax material. The project, which involves Jaguar Land Rover, is developing novel carbon/flax hybrid composites to produce automotive structures with reduced weight, cost, environmental impact and improved noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). By creating a hybrid structure using flax-bioepoxy to replace […]

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Biotex Flax Used to Strengthen Sustainable Paddle Board for BIC Sport

10th March 2015

BIC Sport has used Biotex Flax to develop the ‘Earth SUP’ range of paddle boards, with sizes from 3m – 4.2m. Founded in 1979 by the Bich family, of BIC Pen fame, BIC Sport grew from the family’s passion for water sports and expertise in manufacturing. BIC has a desire to implement sustainable manufacturing processes […]

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Composites Evolution to Display Ecopreg Products for Mass Transport

3rd March 2015

Composites Evolution will display a range of Ecopreg products designed for the mass transport industry at JEC Europe 2015. Ecopreg Glass/PFA is a sustainable, fire-safe prepreg material that provides a greener alternative to conventional phenolic prepregs. Their key innovation is the use of a 100% bio-based polyfurfuryl alcohol (PFA) resin system. PFA resins have similar […]

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Biotex Flax Used to Improve Impact Performance for Bamboo Bike

25th February 2015

Composites Evolution’s Biotex Flax has been used by Guapa Cycles to improve the impact performance of its ‘Urban One’ Bamboo bicycle. UK-based Guapa Cycles designs and engineers wood composite bicycles by using technology proven to excel in the harsh conditions experienced in surf and snow sports. Whilst researching alternatives to carbon for use in its […]

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Biotex Flax Used to Create Sustainable Flax Fairing for Motorbikes

28th August 2014

C-Tech Composites has created flax fairing parts for motorbikes using Biotex Flax epoxy prepreg supplied by SHD Composites. C-Tech Composites, a UK-based producer and designer of motorcycle bodywork discovered Composites Evolution’s range of flax reinforcements during the Composites Engineering show in Birmingham, UK. Excited by the possibilities of the material, C-Tech discussed with staff at […]

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Composites Evolution Materials Used in Lightweight Sports Canoe

28th August 2014

Composites Evolution’s Biotex Flax materials have been used successfully by German-based canoe designer Lake Constance in its “Felicity” freestyle canoe. Composites Evolution’s Biotex Flax materials have been used successfully by German-based canoe designer Lake Constance in its “Felicity” freestyle canoe. The Biotex range of natural reinforcements provide a sustainable alternative to high-performance materials such as […]

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Easy Composites to Distribute Composites Evolution’s Biotex Reinforcement Materials

3rd March 2014

Composites Evolution has teamed up with Easy Composites to provide fast distribution of its Biotex Flax and Biotex Jute natural fibre reinforcement materials. Composites Evolution’s Biotex Flax and Biotex Jute materials are used to reduce weight, enhance aesthetics and improve the sustainability of composite components, compared to glass fibre. Easy Composites has grown quickly to […]

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Blades for Rooftop Wind Turbine manufactured from Composites Evolution’s Biotex Flax

3rd March 2014

Composites Evolution’s Biotex Flax has been used to manufacture natural fibre reinforced blades for a rooftop wind turbine at the University of Stuttgart. The blades were conceived, designed and manufactured by the SWE (Endowed Chair of Wind Energy) at the University, the team having found that Biotex Flax reinforcement’s unique twistless technology gave them the […]

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Biotex Flax/PLA Materials Used in 100% Biodegradable Furniture

22nd January 2014

Composites Evolution’s Biotex commingled Flax/PLA materials have been chosen by a furniture designer from Sheffield Hallam University to develop novel biodegradable furniture. Roger Bateman, Senior Lecturer in Design at Sheffield Hallam University, spent a year working with student Matt Harding on the BioFurniture project. The project, in collaboration with NetComposites in Chesterfield, started as a […]

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Composites Evolution to Exhibit Ecopreg PFA at Composites Engineering 2013

8th November 2013

Composites Evolution will showcase its Ecopreg PFA biocomposite prepreg at the Composites Engineering show, which takes place on 12-13 November at the NEC Birmingham, UK. The range, which includes both glass/PFA and flax/PFA bioresin prepregs, is based on aligned fabrics, and is the result of over four years’ extensive research and development. PFA (Polyfurfuryl Alcohol) […]

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Composites Evolution to Exhibit Low-Cost Biotex Jute Fabrics at Composites Engineering 2013

14th October 2013

Composites Evolution will showcase its Biotex Jute reinforcement range at the Composites Engineering show, which takes place on 12-13 November at the NEC, Birmingham, UK. The range, initially comprising of plain weave and 2×2 twill in weights from 300-600g/m2, offers the benefits of premium natural fibres such as flax – including a favourable stiffness-to-weight ratio […]

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Composites Evolution to Showcase Recent Material Developments at JEC Europe 2013

21st February 2013

Composites Evolution will be showcasing its latest Biotex flax fibre developments at JEC Europe 2013, 12th – 14th March 2013, at Porte de Versailles, Paris, France (stand B13). Composites Evolution is a supplier of innovative, sustainable materials to the composites industry, including fibre reinforcements, resins and intermediates based on natural, bio-derived, recycled and recyclable feedstocks. […]

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Composites Evolution to Showcase Biocomposite Snowboard at Composites Engineering 2012

23rd October 2012

Composites Evolution will be showcasing the latest application of Biotex flax fibre, a snowboard designed and developed by Magine Snowboards, in the NetComposites Product Display Area at the Composites Engineering Show, 7th – 8th November 2012, on stand 346 at the NEC, Birmingham, UK The snowboard consists of a wooden laminate core, sandwiched between two […]

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Magine Develop Biocomposite Snowboard Using Biotex Flax Fabric

20th March 2012

Magine Snowboards and Skis have developed a biocomposite snowboard using Composites Evolution’s Biotex flax fabric. The novel construction includes a wooden laminate core, sandwiched between two layers of Biotex flax fabric, and a top and bottom plastic layer, all bonded together using an eco-epoxy resin system. Magine, who are based in Newfoundland, Canada, were looking […]

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