Products & Services

Products & Services

In addition to our standard range of component prepregs, tooling prepregs, fire-resistant prepregs and thermoplastic tapes, we can work with you to deliver materials tailored to your requirements

Epoxy Component Prepregs

Evopreg® EPC epoxy component prepregs are a range of pre-impregnated fabrics suitable for moulding into high-performance, lightweight, structural components

Epoxy Tooling Prepregs

Evopreg® EPT epoxy tooling prepregs are a range of pre-impregnated fabrics suitable for the production of composite tooling.

Natural Fibre Prepregs

Our Evopreg® ampliTex™ natural fibre prepreg allows you to increase sustainability without compromising on performance.

Thermoplastic Tapes

Evopreg® thermoplastic tapes are a family of materials suitable for automated tape laying, winding and compression moulding

Fire-Resistant PFA Prepregs

Evopreg® PFC polyfurfuryl alcohol (PFA) resin prepregs are a 100% bio-derived alternative to phenolics for applications where fire performance is a critical requirement

Toll Manufacturing & Specials

Full service toll manufacturing and short runs of bespoke products