Epoxy Component Prepregs

Evopreg® EPC epoxy component prepregs are a range of pre-impregnated fabrics suitable for moulding into high-performance, lightweight, structural components.


Evopreg® EPC prepregs are designed for manufacturing high performance composite components. They are based on in-house formulated epoxy resin systems which provide a range of cure temperatures, high performance, easy lay-up and excellent surface finish.

Evopreg® EPC epoxy component prepregs can be supplied with a wide range of reinforcements and fabric constructions including carbon, glass, ampliTex™ flax, aramid, hybrids, basalt and other speciality fabrics. They can be consolidated by vacuum bag/oven, autoclave or press moulding and are designed for a range of applications including automotive, motorsport, sporting goods and general industrial. Resin colour, resin bias and tack levels can all be tailored to your requirements.

Evopreg® EPC200

Variable temperature cure epoxy prepregs for component applications

Evopreg® EPC200 component prepregs are primarily designed for low-temperature, out-of-autoclave processing. Their flexible cure profile also makes them ideally suited to rapid processing at higher temperatures. They are based on a toughened epoxy resin system and have a higher tack level.

Evopreg® EPC205

Low exotherm epoxy prepregs for thick laminate application

Evopreg® EPC205 component prepregs are primarily designed for low-temperature autoclave processing with the possibility to cure sections up to 50 mm in thickness. For thinner laminates (<8mm) it is also possible to cure as a standard component system at 120 °C. Based on a toughened epoxy resin system, Evopreg® EPC205 is formulated specifically for high performance, ease of lay-up, and excellent surface finish.

Evopreg® EPC210

Higher service temperature epoxy component prepregs with flexible cure options

Evopreg® EPC210 component prepregs are primarily designed for medium temperature autoclave or out-of-autoclave processing to produce components with a service temperature of up to 160 °C. Their flexible cure profile makes them suitable for a range of different processing methods and conditions including rapid press cure at higher temperatures with cycle times as low as 5 minutes.

Evopreg® EPC300

Medium temperature cure epoxy prepregs for component applications

Evopreg® EPC300 component prepregs are based on a medium temperature curing, toughened epoxy resin system. They are ideal for manufacturing high performance, lightweight, structural components, using an autoclave or other process methods, and are engineered for rapid, easy lay-up and excellent surface finish.

Evopreg® EPC312FR

Flame retardant visual quality epoxy prepreg

Evopreg® EPC312FR flame retardant prepregs are suitable for autoclave-cured components that require a combination of excellent visual quality, high mechanical performance and a fire retardant rating up to UL94V0.

Download our datasheets for full technical specifications and processing methods.

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