Fire-Resistant PFA Prepregs

Evopreg PFC polyfurfuryl alcohol (PFA) resin prepregs are a 100% bio-derived alternative to phenolics for applications where fire performance is a critical requirement


  • Outstanding fire performance
  • Low toxicity and emissions for improved operator health and safety
  • Low environmental impact



We can supply Evopreg PFC prepregs with a wide range of reinforcements including carbon, glass, ampliTex™ flax (for a 100% biocomposite), aramid and basalt. Resin content, resin bias and tack levels can all be tailored to your requirements.



Evopreg PFC prepregs can be processed using standard techniques including vacuum bagging, autoclaving and press moulding.



Evopreg PFC is most well suited to markets and applications that have stringent fire requirements including aerospace, rail, maritime, offshore and infrastructure.


Evopreg is a registered trademark of Composites Evolution Ltd



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