Natural Fibre Reinforcements

Biotex flax reinforcements - a lightweight, sustainable alternative to synthetic fibres

Biotex flax employs unique twistless and low-twist technologies to promote the wetting-out of the natural fibres with resin during moulding. This results in biocomposites with superior processability and performance.



  • Low weight – flax fibres have a typical density of 1.4 g/cm³; this compares favourably with glass fibres (2.5 g/cm³) and carbon fibres (1.8 g/cm³)
  • Inherently vibration damping
  • Low environmental impact
  • Natural aesthetics





Biotex is suitable for standard composite processes including hand lay-up, vacuum infusion, resin transfer moulding and prepregging.



Biotex is typically used for semi-structural and decorative components in applications such as sporting goods, consumer goods and automotive interiors.


Biotex is a registered trademark of Composites Evolution Limited.



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