Cured Ply Thickness Calculator

This tool calculates the individual cured ply thickness in a laminate, given: the areal weight of the reinforcement fibres (g/m2); the density of those fibres (g/cm3); and the weight fraction and density of the matrix resin. The tool does not take into consideration any content of voids in the ply/laminate.

A second calculator is provided to convert volume fraction of fibres to weight fraction of resin – this uses the same weight and density data entered into the ply-thickness calculator.

Reinforcement Density (g/cm3)
E-Glass 2.56
Carbon 1.75–1.95
Aramid (Kevlar 49) 1.45
Flax 1.4
Resin Density (g/cm3)
Epoxy 1.1–1.4
Polyester 1.2–1.5
Polyamide (Nylon 6.6) 1.14
Polypropylene 0.9
PEEK 1.26–1.32

Not sure of your resin weight fraction? Use our handy Volume-weight fraction calculator.

Resin Fibre Ratio: Ply Thickness: mm

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*While we've tried to make it as accurate as possible, this tool is provided as-is and it is the user's responsibility to check the suitability of any calculated data.