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What are thermoplastic tapes?

28th June 2021 Joseph Holt

Thermoplastic tapes offer different advantages and disadvantages to their thermoset counterparts due the difference in the matrix properties. One of the key advantages of thermoplastics is their ease of processability by melting, which is in contrast to the chemical processing requirement of thermosets.

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How Sustainable Materials are Shaking up Motorsport

7th April 2021 Tasmin Boam

As more and more people become acutely aware of the global warming threat motorsport series, such as F1, have come under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon emissions. In recent years many motorsport series have introduced new regulations in an effort to enhance their environmental image through the introduction of sustainable materials and biocomposites.

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What is Automated Fibre Placement (AFP)?

19th January 2021 Gary Foster

Automated Fibre Placement (AFP) is part of a family of manufacturing techniques, which refer to the precise laying of continuous fibre tapes to manufacture multi-layered composite products, typically with significant strength.

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